Through The Swamp

Tristinia paddled down the river. On either side of her grew tall green grass and trees still overhung as if in some sad mystery. Like something ancient and long gone happening but no threat. Sunlight peaked through the leafy portals creating a dusty moat as if of some ancient home. Tristinia, who now looked very ordinary without her blue hair, looked over at her intelligent little friend on her shoulder.

“Do you know? Did something happen here?” She asked.

Her little companion just shrilly warbled and rustled his feathers.

She chuckled. “I only ask because the further I travel, the farther I am to ever seeing anything come to pass. I am grateful for your friendship though.”

Her little friend hopped down on the seat in front of her on the boat and cocked his head.

“No, I aint lonesome with you here,” she smiled. “Just sad, like these trees. I gave a precious gift to someone very very special. It just seems people, the world perhaps doesn’t know how to take gifts these days. Like they don’t know what or who they are whenever it or they come along. I don’t know why it bothers me so really to have gifts I give so thrown back in my face. I have come to this quiet peaceful spot I know nothing of, nothing of the road ahead of which I used to have dreams of like the warriors of old who had seer sense sometimes, like the Creator was speaking in their rest. I like being spoken to from whoever made me so clearly when I am at rest. Even when Im being warned of something, I know whoever lives beyond the sky can see everything and how it will all turn out ok. I just haven’t heard anything for a long long time. I used to think I was going home to avenge the death of my family, I used to think I could have someone in my life. I wonder if I will just be a warrior wandering doing little things that after I pass people over time will recall who i was and visit where I lie or if I have something even bigger round the bend. do you ever wonder about tomorrow or the next day? What do you want in life? Where have you come from and what have you seen?”

The bird hopped onto her lap and chortled a beautiful song in the ancient cove. Tristinia whistled its haunting cheery echo as they passed through the remaining edges of the swamp. She sat up taller as the sunshine warmed her and her feathered friend who needed a name, caressing her teary puffy cheeks from the grimness of loss, melting the sadness in her heart. She turned around one last time, looking deep into from whence she had come, her mind recalling the rogue elf, the declaration of his love that did not last, yet a love that for the briefest of time they had shared in bearing the depths of their souls, and how she had lost him in more than one way in that terribly dark land of confusion and couldn’t help him. Turning once more into the sunlight, she stroked the water with her paddle into yet more strange land headed south east. She whistled the song her friend had invented in his twortling. They sang together as the paddle strokes strengthened her arms and was like healing heartbeats in the journey.

Tristinia hauled the boat up along the yarning shoreline of the river. Good thing this place looked friendly enough. she did not fear anything hiding in the water for it was clear enough and not wide at all. The fact that disquieted her heart was sleeping next to the tall grass, next to a sea of the unknown possible danger, even though it was morning. But her body was weary and her spirit had cried itself out so the expanse of grass had a welcoming to her. The white bank sand next to the light green bushy topped grass that rustled gently in the breeze that disturbed this symphony of serenity was quite warm in the sun that was breaking through the uterine? fog as day gave birth. Note, her companion bird as she had decided to call him, ruffled his feathers and chirped, snuggling down next to her shoulder as they both let their eyelids shut and let the gentle atmosphere soak them in slumber well earned and well needed.

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